View Full Version : Rangefinder information on Linhof Master Technika?

Mark Nowaczynski
11-Sep-1999, 11:44
As there are no dealers in Toronto stocking Linhof I am a little confused about exactly what information is displayed in the rangefinder of the Master Technika. Is it simply a focusing aid or is it also possible to use it for composition? Are there markings for different focal lengths or formats? Or does one have to use the separate multifocus optical viewfinder for composition and the rangefin der for focusing? I guess what I am asking is that if you are not using the gro und-glass, how exactly are the rangefinder and separate viewfinder of use and wh at do they tell you. I know it would be easy to answer these questions if I cou ld only have a camera in my hands. Thanks, and regards from Toronto.

Bob Salomon
11-Sep-1999, 12:58
The Linhof distributor for Canada is Kindermann. They are in the Toronto area. Go there and have Mike show you.

The rangefinder is just that. A rangefider, co-incident type, for focusing. It is not useful for compaosing. For that purpose their is the accessory Multifocus Optical Finder which works for all lenses from 75mm to 360mm and, with the proper accessory mask, for 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, 6x12 or 4x5 (standard mask).

Or there is the ground glass which is the only composition aid for 55 to 65mm lenses.

The rangefinder only works with 75mm or longer lenses. 55 to 65mm lenses must be focused on the groundglass. Additionally the rangefinder can not be used if movements have been used.