View Full Version : ANSCO 11x14 Studio Repair/Fabrication Help

4-Jun-2016, 11:44
I recently purchased an ANSCO 11x14 Studio Camera with a few missing items. I plan to fabricate the components and have it up and running as soon as possible. I have not had much luck finding many photo references for this camera, but I have determined it looks to be a clone of the Kodak No 8A Century Studio Camera. There are 3 main components I need to fabricate to be fully functional. If you have any measurements or pictures of the specific parts, I would appreciate the assistance. All feel free to PM me if you have these parts for sale.

1) Front (outer) Extension Rail and Lock Down Knob - This is the outer rail the front standard attaches too. Right now min is just hovering in the air.
2) Wet Plate Holder / Ground Glass
3) Guides on Top of Inner Extension Rail (these I think will be pretty easy to make and I have seen enough photos to replicate)

My Best!

5-Jun-2016, 09:31
can you send me some pix?

I have an un named hulk of a studio camera - 8x10 that might be an Ansco

not sure how much if any parts from an 8x10 can be used on a 11x14... but first let me check to see if it is, infact an ansco...it's not a kodak/folmer Century anyway


5-Jun-2016, 18:01

Here is a modified image from another thread on this site to assist those who may be able to help.