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2-Jun-2016, 15:04
Ability to use a 5.9 inch lens on the camera... Acquired a 5.9 No. 5 Gray Periscope lens that actually covers the 11x14" format but barely, and I mean barely. Had it put in to a #3 Copal shutter by S K Grimes, they did a lovely job on this not-so-easy adaption. Mounted the lens on the Chamonix and at minimal lens extension wasn't close enough to the film plane to achieve infinity focus by roughly 2.0cm. Constructed a baseboard attachment to set the front lens standard back... worked but poorly and raised the center of the front lens board by about 1/2 inch. Purchased a recessed lens board and was maybe a mm too large to fit inside the Chamonix's front standard. Considered filing the opening up a bit on the front standard. Almost did but just before doing this, studied the front standard for another solution and behold the answer was simple... Turn around the front standard and turn the lens board mounting part upside down. So... bellows locking lever is now on the bottom - no big deal. 5.9 inch optic now focuses past infinity. AND... 2 front lens board locking "levers" are now on the top of the standard (personally preferred location). Now have to determine and place small yellow dots on front standard to indicate center alignment. Now the 2 sliding lens board vertical alignment to front standard levers are on the top of the front standard. When on the bottom, always forgot they were there. FYI: the 5.9 No. 5 Gray Periscope lens is probably dated to around late1800s... performance absolutely no where near a modern optic but does cover 11x14 and I am willing to accept its vintage image quality.

How to know when the rear standard is set to 90 degrees? simple solution - will align the rear standard at exactly 90 degrees and put on 2 matching alignment marks.

Attaching a fresnel lens... OK am stumped on ho0w to do this. Obtained a 11x14 fresnel lens marked for Deardorff. How to attach it to the Chamonix back... Suggestions GREATLY APPRECIATED.


4-Jun-2016, 22:01
The fresnel should go on top of the ground glass so that the light first hits the ground glass then passed through that into the fresnel, this avoids a possible focus shift issue.

However many also add a third clear piece of glass on top of the fresnel to prevent scratching the plastic fresnel while using your loupe.

Hope this helps.

I personally added a cold shoe mount onto my Chamonix so that a pocket wizard (flash trigger) can be attached.