View Full Version : Linhof Kardan RE - adjustments etc

Michael R
2-Jun-2016, 06:00
A few questions about my Kardan RE:

1. Front swing detent: Is it possible to adjust the detent? I'm noticing when it it zeroed into the detent the front standard is slightly out of parallel with the rear standard (maybe 1/2 degree or even less). Adjusting the scale with the degree markings is easy so I can go that way if necessary, but it would be nicer to adjust the detent itself so that when it clicks into place it is perfectly square with the rear standard. Any way to do this, or am I asking for trouble?

2. Front tilt detent: It is very tight/deep, making small adjustments difficult. I can see how the mechanism works, with the spring/ball on the end of a screw which is easily accessible. Is it safe to unscrew that screw (maybe half a turn) to move the detent very slightly further from the plate it contacts? Or am I asking for trouble?

3. How bad would it be on a scale of 1 to 10 to remove some of the grease on the uprights?

4. Any suggestions for a case? Never really considered one before but lately I find myself needing to transport the camera more often. Unfortunately Linhof doesn't make one for the Kardan RE. Ideally I'd need some kind of hard plastic or metal case with inner dimensions ~20"x~12"x~12" and I guess I could add some dividers or foam around it.


Bob Salomon
2-Jun-2016, 06:07
Contact Bob at Precision Camera in Niles, IL and ask him. He is a factory trained Linhof technician.