View Full Version : How to Best Go About Photographing the Hoover Dam?

Andre Noble
31-May-2016, 02:37
Hello, a buddy of mine on Facebook put up some pics of Hoover dam which looks awesome.

I guess the water is low due to drought etc etc which added to the images.

How does one go about getting best shots? Do you sign up for a tour?

Is going alone and setting up a 4x5 feasible there?

Best Time of Day?


Thanks in Advance.

Michael R
31-May-2016, 06:44
I would think you'd need special permission/access to get the best shots especially with LF if you want certain lighting, locations etc. Depends on what kinds of pictures you're thinking about taking.

Suggest looking at the Places of Power project John Sexton did. One part of this project was Hoover Dam. He got some great shots in and around the place, but it is probably much harder now to get that kind of access unfortunately.

Jim Noel
31-May-2016, 08:33
The dam and the lake are pretty much open to tourist photographers. A tour will enable you to go into the dam with a handheld camera. Other than that, goon your own. I think the most difficult image there is the new bridge.