View Full Version : Focusing screen on Master Technika

30-May-2016, 21:44
My Tech IV came with Fresnel screen installed. It's not clear to me if the Master Tech has a Fresnel, or plain ground glass. Would a Maxwell screen just drop in place of the factory GG?

30-May-2016, 22:07
it comes without a fresnell but you can add one if you want. It fits on the outside not the inside if its the same as the technikardan I had. They are especially useful if you have the reflex viewing hood.

Bob Salomon
31-May-2016, 04:23
All Linhof cameras come without a Fresnel. To install a one piece bright screen onto Linhofs made in the past 40 odd years you would just drop it in place on the shims where the current gg is now. Two piec can be trickier if you have a camera with the fresnel under the gg. Then you may need the service center to readjust the shims.