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29-May-2016, 21:14
I'm going to Ireland the second week of June with my wife and two daughters age 22 and 21. I am supposed to come up with activities for one of the days. We are staying in Galway and will have a rental car. The only camera I will have is an iPhone, so no real photography this trip (the girls forbid me to be a photographer this trip, something about family bonding). Does anyone have some good suggestions of what to do, where to go, where to eat etc.? Any other tips or suggestions are welcome.

John Kasaian
29-May-2016, 21:28
There are lots of Irish beers to sample and plenty to sight see depending on your interests.
The Ring of Kerry is a big one with the tour companies, IIRC.
If you want a break from the usual tourism stuff go to a horse race or try fly fishing or visit a country fair---tourist information websites should have the skinny.

30-May-2016, 02:13
you can always visit cormac's chapel in cork.
from what i remember, there are 2 churches
the newer one has a round tower, beautiful frescos,
friezes, the old one is romanesque from around 1100
has a scandinavian-like sarcophagus that is a mystery
and a roman/hypocaust heaating system. they might not mention
the heating system on tours, its only something an architectural historians
would know about ;)

have a nice trip !


30-May-2016, 02:44
Coming from the Bitterrock, then think church, castle and the sea. If you have a car, you can also go to a smaller community pub, and possibly enjoy a small pub with live traditional music. Picture from Southern Ireland last year with a iPhone.

Sean Mac
30-May-2016, 03:52
The weather is really the biggest factor. It's sunny and warm here now.

Surfing would be fun if you can all swim. Sailing too. Easy to find all along the west coast. Misery if it's raining.

Galway itself is full of music and food.

I hope the weather stays as good as it is now for you.:)

Steven Tribe
30-May-2016, 03:52
Plenty of good advice in similar threads during the last year.

There are Salmon and Sea Trout in the rivers. The big lochs in the west have lots of lake trout which can be fished from the banks or from a boat (Lifejackets - it can get rough). You don't need to fly fish most places. My best catches have been the humble worm.

"Two daughters aged 22 and 21".

Most young women I know, have known, would appreciate being let loose in Dublin for a couple of days (and evenings?)! Shopping and Social activity is at a high level. Plenty of time for family bonding before or after!

Never underestimate how long it takes to drive from point A to point B. Even "major" roads are a problem.

Sean Mac
30-May-2016, 04:02
Dublin is just two hours on a good easily driven road.

Grafton Street in general, and Brown Thomas in particular for shopping.

Probably much cheaper to go surfing...:)

30-May-2016, 17:23
Galway is a nice town, get some seafood, then go to some pubs at night. I was there a few years ago, it's my wife's ancestral town. But if you mean something away from Galway, I'd head south to Dingle or somewhere in between.

30-May-2016, 17:33
local tourist office is usually a good place to start looking for things to see and do


family bonding? Dip in the Nip might be a step too far.