View Full Version : Berrger Films

Jacque Staskon
11-Sep-1999, 03:25
Does anyone out there have any experience with the Berrger (sp) Films? Best place to get them. Any quirky characteristics? (the film). Any major disad vantages? The press seems to think quite highly of these films. How about you?

Nze christian
11-Sep-1999, 06:15
hello jacque I use all the bergger film the panchromatic BPF200 and the ortho ( lith or continuous tone) The panchromatic have a really good response to pyro developement. and It give good separation whatever the develloper you use. As I print in platinum this film can give a full range of tone. you can play with the contrast without any problem (from N-3 to N+4) If you want to know more . As I have not the characteristic of the film with me , you can contact bergger on the net www.bergger.fr