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Charles Forde
7-Apr-2005, 05:40
This either comes as a new lensboard or as a kit for existing recessed lens boards. It claims to make the operation of preview lever movements and aperture adjustment easier.

What I would like to know.

Can it be used on a 90mm f5.6 Super Angulon with syncro compur shutter?

Would I have to get the cam reground?

or should I just grow a longer finger nail to move the levers?

Brian Ellis
7-Apr-2005, 06:20
You need to let us know how long your existing finger nail is before we can tell you whether you need a longer one.

Bob Salomon
7-Apr-2005, 08:45
Yes it is a new lensboard. It uses an old lensboards catalog number however.

You want the new 001015 recessed lensboard. This will differ dramatically from the older version of the board. First it does not have the flange in the center of the board that used to reduce the total recess so if you put the old board next to the new board the lens is recessed as deeply as before but the board itself isn't as recessed. Next you will see on the front of the lensboard on the top an area where the aperture scale is placed. The board comes with scales for 4.5, 5.6, 6.8 lenses. Next on the front of the board on one side there is a red dot that matches up with the new selector switch that attaches to the press focus lever of your shutter. If you can see the red dot the shutter is open if you can't the shutter is closed. Next there no longer are the bent wires to couple the cable release socket to the shutter. Now it is a flexible cable release coupler similar to the Gepe one except shorter. Next the board comes with a new right angle flash socket that sticks out from the board so any PC tipped cord will fit the shutter. Finally there is a new selector lever/pointer taht attaches to the aperture selector of the shutter and sets the desired aperture from the face of the board. A white dot on the lever points to the aperture scale placed on the face of the board.

These elements are designed to mate with Copal shutters. They may not function/fit Compur and especially Synchro Compur shutters. Naturally this is a 0 sized shutter hole on the board.

If one wants the new board but does not want the coupling elements immediatly, or if teir shutter would not connect to the coupling elements they could buy the board by itself. This is also a new board using an old number, 001016. This board will have the new cable release coupling system and the red dot and depression for the scales but those elements will not be included. They can be added at a later date by ordering 022512.

No you should not need the cam recut but you might need the infinity stops adjusted.

Yes you will need longer nails if you keep the lens in its' current shutter.

Charles Forde
7-Apr-2005, 09:17
Thank you all for your replys, I had a feeling that it was designed to mate with Copal shutters. So I think I will see if I can do a trade in with a newer lens sometime. For the time being I'll just grow my nail on my little finger.

As for the length of my finger nail, I presume you mean the part which traps dirt.

(Approx 0.7 mm.)

8-Apr-2005, 09:02

Thanks for the extensive technical info. As always.