View Full Version : 2016 Gofundme support for 3 ongoing 4x5 portrait projects

20-May-2016, 22:13

In 2016, I am continuing with two portrait projects and starting a new project, all done with large format 4x5 films. All 3 projects will result in book publications, and if possible, gallery shows.

In "Transformations:Cosplay", I am photographing cosplayers / media-genre costumers in costumes and in their "civilian attires". The work in progress slideshow is here: http://richardmanphoto.com/PICS/TransformationsCosplay-Portfolio/

In "Worldbuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy", I am photographing genre writers, artists, and editors. The work in progress slideshow is here: http://richardmanphoto.com/PICS/WorldbuildersSFnF-Portfolio/

I am starting a new project "Hearts on Our Sleeves - Portraits of Transgender+ People" in 2016. I have taken my first image for the project today (May 20th) and will continue onward.

These projects are labor of love. I do not charge money and in fact pay out of pocket to travel. Any support is not too small. Thank you.

21-May-2016, 16:19
Just started a thread of my new project: