View Full Version : "Going to the Mountain" - a Kickstarter for Mt. Ansel Adams Pilgrimage w/ 4x5 & 6x17

19-May-2016, 16:47
My good friend Dominick is taking a trip to Mt. Ansel Adams as a sort of "pilgrimage," and shooting b&w 4x5 and 6x17. The KS is here:


I just wanted to share this in case any of you all would like to support this LF film photo project. Dominick is an Associate Professor of Art here at VSU and a fantastic photographer as well as a close friend. You can find out more about this project on the link above, including images from his last photography trip down the Suwannee River.

19-May-2016, 19:09
FYI: Link not clickable

Tin Can
19-May-2016, 19:09
Copy and paste works fine.

19-May-2016, 19:18
Whoops, well just for posterity:


10-Jun-2016, 12:16
This project was successful funded. I invite anyone interested in large format b&w photography to follow my friend's Instagram and Facebook group, if you would like to track his progress, linked from the KS.

Steven Tribe
23-Jan-2017, 08:23
I just returned to this kickstarter project to see how the photo safari went last summer.

Is it usual that entries end as soon as funding targets are reached?

I don't frequent either facebook or instagram!

23-Jan-2017, 08:46
Hi Steven,

I can tell you that due to unforeseen medical problems, the trip did not go well. He is still working on rewards/options. There have been several "backer only" updates, which I assume you aren't seeing (if you were a backer, make sure you are signed in).

For privacy reasons that's all I can say - he's a very good friend of mine so I am privy to some things I suppose, but this is his project and not mine.

23-Jan-2017, 08:46
I am going to Yosemite for ten days this spring to photograph with my 4x5. Perhaps I should start a Kickstarter so someone will pay for my trip too. I don't get it.

Steven Tribe
23-Jan-2017, 09:43
Sorry about the problems - I just remembered seeing this last year. Glad that the backers are in the know!

Bill Burk
23-Jan-2017, 20:46

Sorry to hear about your friend's troubles. Hope they are of a relatively temporary nature and that the trip and photos can still happen... even if it takes time.

I think everyone has faced challenges that caused plans to take longer than expected, hopefully that's all it is in this case.

23-Jan-2017, 21:46
It'll all work out. The backers (me included) understand things happen and support him no matter what in his artistic endeavors.

faberryman, you don't need to "get" it.