View Full Version : Make your own lensboards for Deardorff?

Bruce Schultz
19-Nov-1999, 13:13
I'm getting an 8x10 Deardorff. How difficult is it to make my own lensboards?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
19-Nov-1999, 13:21
Not very. It's easier if you have an original to work from but you should be able to work it out without one too. If you have any skill and basic wood working tools you should do fine. I've seen boards made from masonite, aluminum, and plywood. It was (and is) not unusual for for studio photographers to make and modify things to suit when time and $ are short.

19-Nov-1999, 13:57
look in model shops for the high-grade plywood they use for model airplanes for your material