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Ernie Dunning
6-Apr-2005, 09:11
Neither Kreonite nor Kreolab is gone. Kreonite, Inc. is out ot business, but Kreonite lives on as a division of Dunning Photo Equipment, Inc. Dunning Photo owns all Kreonite trade names, copyrights, patents, and design rights. We are currently manufacturing parts and supporting our dealers and customers around the world. We bought all the Kreonite parts inventory, injection molds, and have the ability to make the parts necessary for processors.

Kreolab was bought last May by Dunning Photo and set up as a separate corporation, Kreolab, Inc. Kreolab, Inc. is manufacturing sinks, cabinets, and darkroom accessories in Bixby, Oklahoma. We have all of the sink molds and we are building sinks up to 12 feet long.

Dunning Photo has a long history (30 years) of success with Kreonite products and we feel that we are able to carry on the Kreonite tradition.

bob carnie
6-Apr-2005, 10:02
Hi Ernie

I understand Kreonite bought out Hope Processors, I wonder are you in the position of supplying parts for a Hope GA 20x24 with infared dryer system? I am finding it difficult for parts and possible memory board. This unit was bought in 1992 from Kodak and has faithfully served me for all these years. I do not want to put it out to Pasture.
any help would be appreciated.

Ernie Dunning
6-Apr-2005, 11:33
Hi Bob,

"HOPE" fully, we can help. If you can supply us with Hope part numbers on the parts which you need we will give it a shot. If the board is not available, we may be able to repair yours.



Larry Gebhardt
6-Apr-2005, 12:08
Do you have a web site we can browse to see what products you have? I am not familiar with Kreonite.

6-Apr-2005, 16:40

Does that mean you have those socks? I just found a practically brand-new PM2 from someone's basement. We have been meaning to get it running as soon as our building is done.

Also, we are interested in buying dip-dunk processors upto 8x10 for both B/W and C-41. Would you mind sending me the pricelist?

Please contact me off list. Thank!


Ernie Dunning
6-Apr-2005, 18:27
Hi Larry,

The web site for Kreonite is http://kreonite.com, for Kreolab, Inc. it is http://kreolab.com, for Dunning Photo Equipment, Inc. it is http://dunningphoto.com.

If you don't find what you need there, just contact me and I'll get it for you.

Thanks, Ernie

Ernie Dunning
6-Apr-2005, 18:31
Hi Tsuyoshi,

Yes, we have those socks and lots of them.

We will be glad to help you with the processors; I'll send you a price list.

Thanks, Ernie

Ernie Dunning
6-Apr-2005, 18:57

Please send an email to ernie@dunningphoto.com. I couldn't get you email address to work.

Thanks, Ernie

R. Dilly
6-Apr-2005, 19:38

I thought you said Kryptonite!