View Full Version : 4x5 Bergger Pancro400 will not fit into 4x5 Toyo film holders??

Bob Mann
16-May-2016, 09:39
Just got a box of Bergger Pancro400 to try and have a problem loading it into Toyo 4x5 film holders. The film sheets are too wide - I have compared my Bergger to a sheet of Ilford 4x5 and the Bergger appears to be a fraction of a mm wider than the Ilford. I have been able to load the Bergger into Fidelity holders. First time I have run into this problem. I will keep the film and use it in Fidelity holders and I have also sent an inquiry to Bergger.

Anyone else having this experience with Bergger Pancro 400 film?

Oren Grad
16-May-2016, 09:53
Ouch... Bob, when you have a sheet developed so that you can measure without wasting one, can you post exact dimensions?

Bob Mann
16-May-2016, 11:04
Bergger film looks like 101mm wide - this is a photo of Bergger with an Ilford sheet overlay - ruler is marked in inches. As best as I can measure my Toyo holders take 100mm wide film. Mark on unexposed Bergger is where the film guide on to Toyo holder rubbed on the film as I tried to load it - it seems to line up with the exposed line on the Ilford.


17-May-2016, 08:37
Just bought 2 boxes of the Pancro400 -- 5x7s and will probably blow one sheet testing the fit into my holders -- I use a mix of them so I'll need to size-test this product before I enter the "tent" to load.
Will report what I find.


Anselmo DiMedici
17-May-2016, 11:57
Bergger will replace any defective product, this includes this box of miscut 4X5 film, with out apologies.
We are in contact with the factory and this seems to be an isolated issue, which has already been corrected across the board.


Bob Mann
17-May-2016, 15:52
Update, Bergger has indeed contacted me about replacing the film. :)

Doremus Scudder
18-May-2016, 02:21
Update, Bergger has indeed contacted me about replacing the film. :)

Kudos to Bergger and to Anselmo for responding so quickly and positively to this. I like companies like this. I'm going to check out their products.


18-May-2016, 04:30
The only thing that is better than a money back or replacement guarantee is a product that's correct in the first place. A dimensional error seems like a fundamental quality control flaw. What other flaws may be laying in wait. I dislike being a beta tester.

Bob Mann
1-Jun-2016, 06:47
Final follow up, I received a replacement box of film very quickly from France - it is sized correctly and fits perfectly in the Toyo holders. I would rate the customer service from Bregger as first rate from my first contact with them through the replacement.