View Full Version : Good news for Horseman FA owners.

Steve Clark
5-Apr-2005, 20:59
For those of us that like the little FA, but have trouble finding a variety of lenses that will fold inside, here is another. With a very minor modification to the bed rails, a Fujinon "A" series 180mm will indeed fit with the camera folded normally, and a filter in place. All that need be done is remove about one millimeter of material on the inside of the rails where the lens bumps into them. This can easily be done by hand with a small drum sander. I have to do a little measuring yet, but I believe this area can be opened up to accomodate lenses with a 49mm thread size also.

Sam Crater
6-Apr-2005, 11:42

Interested in doing this too but am worried that it will interfere with infinity stops for my 135mm Sironar-N that I also like a lot.

Notice there is a VHR on Ebay (sells in an hour or so) that has had the bed rails opened up for a 150mm Sironar N (49mm filters.) You can see in his photo how much he needed to cut.

Steve Clark
6-Apr-2005, 19:59
I too use a 135 Apo-Sironar N. The infinity stops remain in place, however, you do have to fold them up to clear, when folding the camera with the 180mm inside. If the rails were relieved enough for a 150mm, I`m sure you would lose the stops for the 135mm, but it looks like the stops for a 150mm would probably be okay. I missed the VHR, would like to have seen what they did. With the 180mm and the stops in thier normal position at the end of the rails, you can focus down to about three feet. If I`m traveling light, I use a 90mm Angulon, the 135 Sironar and now the 180mm Fuji. All fold nicely inside in crappy weather, where I do a large portion of my shooting. Does any one make a 65mm or so that is small and will cover at least a 612 neg?