View Full Version : Colorado Trunk Photo Stuff: identify 4x5 Pony Premo model

Raymond Bleesz
14-May-2016, 08:42
In previous posts I mentioned I came across a trunk of old turn of the century photo cameras--A Scoville Albion 6 1/2 x8 1/2, a EK #4 Cartridge camera with a handsome case, both of which are in rather excellent shape. The 3rd camera at the time of posting was unknown to me, however, with some research I was able to identify it as a rather pristine Pony Premo camera & case, 4x5, (possible #3 or #4)(There are so many Ponys its rather confusing.) however, there is still a question which I am not able to answer at this time. Hence your input. This Pony Premo, 4x5, has a metal front standard allowing it to rise & fall. In my research, web site "collctibend.com for example, photos of the Pony Premo show a wooden front standard---I see no reference to a metal Pony Premo 4x5 with a metal standard. Can you help me identify which Pony Premo this exactly is?? and provide a photo. I have enclosed mine. And one other facet to this unknown camera. There is no mention of EK other than a reference to the Wollensak "Regular" shutter. On the rail, there is stamped this info which I do not understand. It is "Pat ALW'D". Obviously it refers to a patent but what else??

Thank you.


Jim C.
14-May-2016, 14:37
Raymond, Premo's were manufactured by Rochester Optical Company ( ROC ) you should try camera eccentric (http://www.cameraeccentric.com/) and pierce vaubel (http://www.piercevaubel.com/cam/roc/premo.htm) and check thru the catalogs there to locate your camera.

Raymond Bleesz
15-May-2016, 09:08
Jim---thank you for your response & for forwarding those 2 web sites, one of which, the PV, I ran across as well as "collectibend" Do you have other suggestions regarding sources directed at turn of the century cameras et al??

Re: that Pony I have & the Wollensak lens--although the iris sticks & has some issues, I was able just yesterday to take a test snap---HP5 film, Lisco 4x5 holder, D76 & a little PS help---Here is my test image taken from my porch. Raymond

PS: Still looking for that exact Pony Premo with metal front standard as compared to wooden ones.150912

17-May-2016, 11:02
Just doing a basic google image search, it looks to be a #7, similar to the one listed here (http://www.tyndells.com/cat/?product=no-7-pony-premo-camera-by-kodak-drp-doppel-lens-case-6-film-holders). HTH