View Full Version : Extension back for Toyo 45A?

14-May-2016, 01:04
Hi Folks,

Has any used/own the extension back for the Toyo 45A series? I have seen them mentioned in a few places before, but admit I have never seen one for sale.

I'm also curious to know how much extension they add to the camera.


14-May-2016, 01:16
I've seen them occasionally here in Japan. They're quite pricey, about 40~45,000 JPY. The extension is 100mm.


14-May-2016, 01:19
Thanks Kumar,

That is more than I paid for my camera! What are they made of? Diecast alloy? Or something else?

14-May-2016, 03:23
I didn't really handle them. I just saw them in a couple of shops, and remember the price. They're probably made of the same metal the cameras are made of, with the leatherette covering. The high price is probably because they're special accessories, made in very small numbers.


14-May-2016, 04:27
OK, thanks again. I am wondering how hard it would be to make one myself, maybe out of MDF.

14-May-2016, 04:35
PS, Kumar, you inbox is full!

Peter De Smidt
14-May-2016, 06:54
I have one. They're expensive but very well made.

Paul Bujak
14-May-2016, 13:20
I also have one. It adds an additional 4 inches. It seems to be aluminum, with rough casting painted black on the inside. The outside is smooth black paint.

There is a store price tag still on it, $250 US, but I didn't pay that much for it.