View Full Version : Eskophot Ultragon 9/150 lens-thread

12-May-2016, 07:01
I measure 32.45mm on the lens and 31.02mm on counterring.
Is it now M32 x.75 or M32.5 x .75?

13-May-2016, 21:34
someone confirmed: M32.5 X.75
Makes sense is universal size also used by Schneider for some of their enlarging lenses.

13-May-2016, 21:36
I measure 32.45mm on the lens and 32.02mm on counterring. CORRECTED
Is it now M32 x.75 or M32.5 x .75?

Steven Tribe
14-May-2016, 01:58
These eskofot lenses are very well known and eskofot is the marketing name, rather than the actual maker. There are many previous threads with data if you use the correct name EskoFot (German rather than French/English!).

16-Aug-2016, 13:30
Eskofot Ultragon 9/150
M32.2 x 0.5 NOT 0.75 for Copal 0 mount thread. btw. Back thread is the inner thread at back. to avoid confusions.
i tested it on both adapters. one is obviously wrong.
made a mistake when measuring with a pitch-size-tool called caliper. only mine is not that precise. 0.5 doesnt fit that precise no wonder if doing the first time.
here i found the confirmation: i have also this G-Claron and Eskofot have the same thread.
sept 13 2004 larry menzin
The 150mm G-Claron has an M32.5/0.5 thread that I can adapt using the Schneider 0 to Leica adapter.
G-Claron-Data from datasheet-library. it is offline but i posted link to archive.org where it can be recovered in Largeformat Photography Group in FB. Must check again where these data are. Maybe opening a new thread anD uploading a zip. but it maybe be really too large with 163mb.

Another important warning when making adapters. one must measure also the tube on which the thread is. e.g on G-Claron 150/9 tube is a bit larger than on Eskofoto Ultragon150/9. so our adapter does not slip over.... beside wrong x 0.75 F-pitch.