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Peter Hruby
5-Apr-2005, 10:38

I do not know if I made a good deal with these lens, But I bought these lens on Ebay. You can see the thread here. I paid 402 USD for it. Seller said it is good lens (80 deg angle and 608mm coverage) so, I would like to aks you If I made a good deal or not. Are these lens coated?


Thank for responses.

Will Strain
5-Apr-2005, 10:45
See that's the great thing about ebay.

If you didn't pay more than you wanted to - then you got a good deal. No matter what anybody says.

For a point of reference, KEH has the same lens in bargain (theirs is admittedly quite good) condition for over $600 - so, I think you probably did fine if it is in good shape.

MIke Sherck
5-Apr-2005, 10:46
Although I haven't used this particular lens, Fuji lenses are, in my humble opinion, some of the best large format lens values out there. My 180 is the focal length I use the most (on 4x5) and it's also my favorite lens: if I had to use just one lens, this would be it.

Your lens appears to be the single-coated version and should be just fine for almost anything you want to do with it. While there are writings out there which might lead you to believe that performance when shooting into the sun may suffer compared to multi-coated lenses, my own opinion and experience say that no lens works terribly well when the sun is shining directly into it: shade it as you should shade any lens in this situation and you should be fine.

I think you got a great deal and, truth be told, I'm a little envious. Congratulations!

Richard Fenner
5-Apr-2005, 11:07
Peter, your feedback - given and received - made interesting reading.

Peter Hruby
5-Apr-2005, 11:10
Thanks Richard. I am trying to be honest with my trades.

Peter Hruby
5-Apr-2005, 11:22
Still, that coverage is kinda unusually big. In my database I keep by myself, I read 485 mm image circle and 77 degrees ange view. But it is for modern W lens. This one is W S. Older version. I just need to verify that 608 mm and 80 degrees are correct numbers.
I like to have lens with larger image circle in my portfolio to eliminate loss of sharpness, have a good movements and if I buy in the future 11x14 or 7x17, I have lens immediately available.

I recently own only one lens, Schneider Super Angulon 210mm/f8. Image circle 500 mm.
I think this one was my next lens into my gear.

If you have any comments, just fire away. I am pretty new in LF, I did 20 years 35mm and jumped right away to LF. I love it.

Will Strain
5-Apr-2005, 11:43
This thread on APUG deals with the same lens and question


looks like the older version does in fact have the larger image circle... unless I missed something in their discussion.

(correction on the KEH quote - that is for the modern version...not the older, but I still think you found a deal)

Peter Hruby
5-Apr-2005, 11:52
One correction. In my database I have 68 degrees and 485 mm. I think it is for newer lens. I added this one to my database also. Looks it is correct for older versions 80 degrees and 608 mm.

Thanks Will.

Gem Singer
5-Apr-2005, 13:13
Hi Peter,

Take a look at the Fuji lens information on http://members.aol.com/subgallery/byfl.htm . There is a direct link to that website on the Large Format Photography home page (click on the red lettering, above, then scroll down to "other links and resources").

The Fuji chart shows the older 360W, that you have purchased, is a 6- element lens, in 4 groups. It is mounted in a Copal 3 shutter and has a 485mm. image circle, 80 degrees of coverage, and is single coated. The newer old 360W (which I own) has 68 degrees of coverage and is EBC coated. The newest version of the 360 CM-W has the same stats. as the older EBC coated model. However, it is a 6 element lens in six groups. The newer CM-W lenses have no cemented elements.

For $402 USD, you got a pretty good deal. However, you should probably plan on having the shutter CLA'd (approx. an additional $75 dollars).

Peter Hruby
5-Apr-2005, 13:42
Thank Eugene,

it is a very good source of information about Fujinon lens.
I also did a calculation of image circle and it looks to me that 80 degrees of view angle for 360mm lens gives 608mm image circle. Is there any other restriction for these lens? Mathematically 485mm does not make any sense.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
5-Apr-2005, 13:43

The lens you bought--the older W (or WS) series--covers, in real use, just under 80 degrees, about 600mm or so. It will do nicely for 11x14 or 7x17, but will get a bit tight for 8x20. Its a good lens at a fine price.

Jim Reed
5-Apr-2005, 18:44
You got took bad. That lens is a piece of junk. Tell you what pal...I'll take it off your hands for $100 cash, how about it?

7-Apr-2005, 13:39
The older 360mm Fujinon-W series was advertised as having 80 degrees of coverage. If it did, it would cover 12X20, which needs a circle of illumination of around 595mm. In fact, 79 degree coverage would just cover 12X20.

I owned one of these lenses a few years ago and found that in fact it did not quite cover 12X20. I would estimate that the actual coverage was closer to a circle of 575mm to 585 mm. Of course, that is excellent coverage for a 360mm lens, but just not quite good enough for 12X20.