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10-May-2016, 18:49
I picked up a Calumet 8x10 camera. Thought I was getting a C1 but it definitely isn't. This camera has a completely different back and the focus and front rise are geared. Nicer knobs and hardware than the C1.

Does anyone have any history for this camera?

It looks like it may be compatible with Burke and James? I have a few B&J lens boards that fit. I'd love to find a few more backs for it - 5x7, etc, but every time I search C1 accessories come up!!


10-May-2016, 18:49

neil poulsen
10-May-2016, 19:29
At one time, Calumet sold two version of their 8x10: the "commercial", with which we're familiar, and a "portrait" version. As I recall, portrait version had limited movements, compared to the commercial version. It cost less, too.

How much does it weigh?

10-May-2016, 19:39
It weighs 17 pounds without the lens board. I have a C1 as well. All the movements seem the same.

Tracy Storer
10-May-2016, 20:03
I don't know the full history, but I believe Calumet acquired designs from B&J, and eventually redesigned their 8x10 to become the "C-1 " "Green Monster" we're more familiar with. I suspect this was an early post B&J/Calumet effort. No doubt someone else knows more about this than I, but having worked for Calumet for a while, and having owned a Green C-1 at one time I thought I'd comment.

Tin Can
10-May-2016, 21:06
Look for similar named 'Orbit'. I think you can use wood reducing backs from Kodak. Check carefully.

I also think this is an early and rare model, that was 'improved' over time.

I have a green C1 made of magnesium, a couple green aluminum ones were made before they changed to black aluminum for the last iteration.

Evidently when Calumet went under a few years ago all NOS was lost. I bought a few bits NOS from the Chicago warehouse prior.

17-May-2016, 12:00
Finally found it in the 1954 Calumet Catalog. Called the CC-800

$295 in 1954, or $2625 today. :)




Tin Can
17-May-2016, 12:08
Good work!

I'm guessing it is aluminum by it's weight. A later magnesium model is 14lbs and then 18lbs in AL.