View Full Version : duka 10 and 50 safelights

4-Apr-2005, 13:38
can anyone tell me the differance between the duka 10 and 50 safelights, and what the sliding controls are for , someone gave me both of these and would appreciate any help.

Scott Rosenberg
4-Apr-2005, 14:20
here's some info:


Bob Salomon
4-Apr-2005, 15:57
The 10 is the older model but both use the same tube. The sliding control sets the brightness. These units were made for Osram by Kaiser and the Duka 50 is still available from Kaiser as is the replacement tube.

Henry Ambrose
4-Apr-2005, 17:44
Test them!
The one I had for a short while was not very safe.

John Kasaian
4-Apr-2005, 21:10
My vote goes for GE Guidelights, two of 'em on a card for about a buck at walgreens and they'll probably be around longer than I will!