View Full Version : Schneider XXL Lens

3-Apr-2005, 22:00
Have you ever tried the new Schneider XXL lens?

How is the performance?

Is 550mm lens still wide angle lens for 8x20 format?

Michael Mutmansky
4-Apr-2005, 05:25

The 550mm XXL lens is not available yet. I believe it will become available this June.

550mm is not a very wide angle lens for 8x20, as there are others that are much wider that will cover the format. However, the XXL lenses will have a tremendous amount of coverage on an 8x20, such that a substantial amount of shift (or vertical rise) will be available to the photographer. This is the factor that I think will be the most significant for a 'normal' banquet shooter, especially if they are unafraid of placing their camera in a vertical position.

A square format shooter using a 16x20 or a 20x24 should be very pleased with the 550mm XXL as it is an offering that there are no modern and very few historical offerings with comparable coverage.


Will Strain
4-Apr-2005, 09:13
As far as it being a wide angle... on this format... not really. Something in the 250-300 range (like a 270 kowa) makes a great wide IMO.

Mark Sawyer
4-Apr-2005, 09:43
Just curious about the XL/XXL designations. Are these lenses "extra-large" or "extra-extra-large" (in coverage or something else)?

Brian Ellis
4-Apr-2005, 10:32
They're extra large and extra extra large in price.