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6-May-2016, 07:58
Hi All,

Wondering if anyone here has any tips/instructions or links to such, for calibration the rangefinder on a crown graphic. Is it as simple as adjusting the stops on the rails, or is there more involved? Pretty much nothing more than an academic question as I probably won't ever be hand holding as I'm missing some shutter release parts, but curiosity can't be quelled.



Kevin Crisp
6-May-2016, 08:08
If you go on the Graphic website you can download the instructions. There is much more to it than adjusting the stops on the rails. Don't try to outthink the instructions, particularly on where it tells you to put the target. Just do what it says. Most common mistake is turning the small set screw the logical - wrong way - the one that is clearly marked with the arrow that doesn't quite sink in for some people. Don't accidentally wipe off the front silvering on the beam splitter either, thinking you are cleaning it up. On infinity, a real press photographer back in the day would set it up so that the camera would open, the front standard pulled forward and locked, and that is dead on for infinity.

All of the above assumes you're asking about the side mount Kalart, not the top rangefinder which uses cams. Contrary to what some people say, if you do it right (it usually takes a couple times through the instructions) the rangefinder will nail focus, which can be handy even when not handholding the camera.

If you send me a PM about what shutter release parts you need I might have them on a junker.

Kevin Crisp
6-May-2016, 08:22
Here is a link