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Carl Weese
3-Apr-2005, 16:22
About two and a half years ago, there was a dramatic though unannounced change in Ilford HP5 Plus film. The new material had much lower filmbase+fog levels and a longer straight line, making it better suited to production of negatives for Pt/Pd and other long scale printing processes. In fact it became, IMO, a superb film for platinum.

Recently of course Ilford has had troubles and reorganization. HP5 Plus sheet film disappeared from dealers for a while but now is back again. I just received an order of several boxes of 8x10, and find that the packaging has changed (different label). A changed package always means having to test to see if the stuff inside has changed as well, but I thought I'd check here whether anyone has shot and developed the "new" film, and of course whether they've seen any changes in the film's characteristics. Any input on this?


Brian Ellis
3-Apr-2005, 16:56
I've used HP5+ for years in roll and sheet form, it's my favorite film. I too noticed the new packaging with a recent order of a 100 sheet box of 4x5. I didn't test it (the possibility of the film itself being different didn't occur to me though it probably should have) so I rated it at EI 200 just as I always have, developed it for the same times, temperature, and agitation I've always used for minus, plus, and normal development, and got excellent negatives. Obviously this isn't any scientific test but I don't plan to re-test it unless others are getting significantly different results with the film in this new packaging vs film in the old packaging after appropriate testing.

Roger Scott
3-Apr-2005, 17:12
Ilford changed the labelling for their '+' films from black to white a while ago (before the administrators came in). If this is the label change you're referring to the emulsion is supposed to be the same. I haven't found any difference with the smaller formats but haven't yet hit the change for their sheet film as I have surplus old frozen stock.


Leslie D Wall
3-Apr-2005, 18:37
I found this on the Ilford website: http://www.ilford.com/html/us_english/pr/0104_black&white_new.html

Carl Weese
3-Apr-2005, 18:55
From the Ilford release: "Although the packaging changes are significant there has been no changes to the emulsion or the technical specification of the product."

That's partly reassuring (grammar aside), though of course they didn't announce the major change made 2.5 years ago so I'm not sure one hand knows what the other does. I'll still test before shooting new film on a major expedition.---Carl

Gem Singer
3-Apr-2005, 20:13
Hi Carl,

I routinely use Ilford HP-5+ sheet film in the 4X5, 5X7, And 8X10 formats. I haven't noticed any changes in the films in the new color boxes from those the old color boxes. Of course, I don't do any scientific testing, but if I did, I would probably be able to find very slight differences from batch to batch. Those miniscule variations are normal for film manufacturing.