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3-Apr-2005, 13:56
Can anyone direct me to any good Large Format stores or dealers in the Orlando area, possibly specializing in used Graflex gear? I will be down in that area at the end of the month and would like to check places out, if there are any.
Thanks in advance for any info you might have.

Brian Ellis
3-Apr-2005, 17:12
Sorry Dusty but there aren't any that I know of. The closest thing to a store that carries any large format equipment at all in Orlando or for hundreds of miles around Orlando probably is Colonial Camera (or Colonial Something, I've forgotten the exact name). It used to be the best professional camera store in Orlando and carried some large format gear, just not a whole lot. I haven't been there since the digital revolution began so I don't know what it's like or if it's even still there today but if it isn't then I don't think you'll find any store in Orlando that carries any large format gear at all much less a "good" large format store. Sad to say but I'm not sure there's any place in all of Florida that would be called a "good" large format store.

Gem Singer
3-Apr-2005, 20:28
"Used Graflex gear?"

Two places in the USA that routinely handle good quality used Graflex gear are Lens and Repro, in New York city and Midwest Photo Exchange, in Columbus, Ohio. Good luck locating any type of Graflex gear in Orlando.

8-Apr-2005, 08:57
Dusty- In Atlanta there is Quality camera==they specialize in large format.

Michael Ervolina
9-Apr-2005, 17:26
Colonial Photo and Hobby, it's off the corner of Colonial and Mills Ave., but I doubt you will find what you are looking for there. Unless they just picked it up used, their LF is slim pickens.

You would have much more luck looking online for that. There is not much in all of Florida in LF, from my searches anyway. I found a few things, mostly Sinar, on consignment in Delray Beach, at Delray Photographic Centre, but its hit or miss and a very long drive from Orlando.

You should be able to find what you are looking for at:


Good luck,