View Full Version : Super Angulon 90mm/f8 on Sinar DB for 5x7 vignettes or not?

Fr. Mark
27-Apr-2016, 02:29
My 150mm lens has a little movement on my Sinar P. Sometimes it's not wide enough for architecture shots. A Superangulon 90/f8 would be a lot wider. Not much movement, on 5x7 anyway, but on a DB board with Sinar shutter will it be vignetted? Usually these lenses are mounted into the bellows not ahead as with a DB mount. I'm pretty sure this approach was intended for 4x5 where it is far less wide. I have a 4x5 kit for the Sinar but if I could use it with the shutter I have for 5x7, that'd be much more attractive. Thanks for your help.

Fr. Mark
1-May-2016, 21:34
I've never posted and gotten zero responses before. No one else has tried this?

Pete Oakley
3-May-2016, 00:30
My SA 90mm will not cover 5x7 on my Norma. I've been told that the old Angulon 90mm will just about cover 5x7 but I've seen no evidence.

3-May-2016, 04:33
My f/8 90mm Super Angulon covers 5x7 at f/22, and the Schneider lens data states that 5x7 is the recommended maximum format size. Placing the entire lens forward of a Sinar shutter, your primary problem will be compressing the bellows enough to focus, I would think. If your 90mm SA is in a shutter, then I would skip using the Sinar DB shutter.



Fr. Mark
3-May-2016, 20:26
Thanks. It might be worth it even for 4x5 where I have the bag bellows. I will do some measuring. I'm not in a hurry to make a bag bellows for 5x7 but I might. The plan would be to buy this in DB mount for use with Sinar shutter.