View Full Version : Possible Photo Gear Cart?

25-Apr-2016, 12:07

25-Apr-2016, 13:37
And you can carry all your gear in coolers on your trailer hitch, too!

It looks awfully heavy, doesn't it? I notice they don't give a weight.

25-Apr-2016, 15:52
Looks like a little forky buck. I'm not impressed.

Kent in SD

Drew Bedo
26-Apr-2016, 06:33
Doesn't Fold.

OK . . .lots of things will work in a pinch.

If a photographer needs to take heavy gear on foot paths, then only a shoulder bag or back pack will do. There are plenty of options out there.

If the photographer wants to bring gear to a wheelchair accessable venue then we have an un met need for a photo cart. There is a thread on this subject every year. Carts for 35mm/MF gear are out there. The FEISOL fold up rig is one. If it were more rugged it might fill the need. I have been using a set of airline luggage wheels for this, but I'm looking for something more.

When the photographer wants to take a load of LF gear off the boardwalk and onto the grass we need something with larger wheels. There are Jogging strollers and bicycle trailers with larger pneumatic wheels. Some folks have adapted them for photo use. They are almost what we need, but still not quite there. Costs can be up there and they are bulky even when collapsed.

Golf bag pull carts are another promising option for conversion. Rugged, lighter in weight and available in models costing under $50, this can be a viable DIY conversion option.

I'd like to see one engineered and manufactured for LF photography. Maybe just the parts to convert a golf bag cart to the purpose.