View Full Version : Cleaning developing tanks

Matt Mengel
1-Apr-2005, 12:24
Hey Gang,
Someone gave me a set of developing tanks for 8x10 color paper processing. There are 4 tanks with lids and one taller tank without lid (washing?) in a water jacket and two baskets for holding 8 x 10 prints. The tanks are about 12" deep but only about 2" wide by 11" long. They are very dirty. I plan on using these for B&W sheet film processing and perhaps washing 8x10 prints in the baskets. How bad are the existing residual chemicals for color prints going to be for B&W and what would I use to clean them? The tanks had, respectively, developer/blix/stop/fixer. I do not know the makeup of color chemistry to know if this stuff is compatible with my B&W chemistry.
Thanks in advance.

Richard Boulware
1-Apr-2005, 16:37
Kodak Developer Systems Cleaner is what we used for our big Kodak Versamat film processor, but we also used it for just about everything else. It worked very well, indeed.

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
3-Apr-2005, 09:57
JOBO can supply a chemical cleaner for all photographic developing tanks and drums, it really works! Available from most good photographic equipment outlets.