View Full Version : aperture adjustment on nikkor sw 90/8

james norman
10-Sep-1999, 15:30
while the aperture adjustment on each of my other lenses has a certain amount of tension/stiffness (ie, it takes some effort to move the lever, and it tends to stay where you put it), the adjustment on my nikkor sw 90/8 is quite loose - the lever offers little or no resistance, so it is easily knocked out of adjustment if you happen to brush your finger against it when you cock the shutter. the p roblem is exacerbated since the lens is mounted on a recessed board and it is al ready tricky enough to access the controls (at f22, the lever is inconveniently located directly behind the cocking arm, and is quite a pain on occasion). is t here anything i can do to address this problem? thanks.

Jeff hompson
12-Sep-1999, 19:31
Sorry, I don,t have the answer, but I bet S.K.Grimes knows, and can repair it for you. I have used his services and can highly recommend him to you. http://www.skgrimes.com/products/index.htm should get you to him. Jeff