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24-Apr-2016, 03:06
Hi I have archival washers for prints up to the 24"x20" size but how is it best to wash a print say 30"x24" ? If I fill the darkroom sink and let the print soak like this with the overflow on I fell like I wouldn't get it archivaly washed like the others. Even though using a washaid with it. Is there archival washers out there what could wash such a size, if not what would be the best way?

Steve Goldstein
24-Apr-2016, 04:17

Doremus Scudder
24-Apr-2016, 05:23
Proper size tray and a tray siphon will work for single prints. You can do two or three this way with agitation, but you have to spend the time agitating. If you have a 20x24-inch print washer, you might be able to remove the inserts and rig up something that will hold the prints in the washer in a "U" shape kind of like the 20x24 insert for the Versalab 16x20 washer. If you're handy, then you can rig up something to wash multiple prints without a lot of baby-sitting.



24-Apr-2016, 12:44
Google 'washing machine tray'. They are shallow but good for a print at a time.

25-Apr-2016, 08:39
As I have prints of my wife's relatives that are now about 90 years old, I assume there was archival washing prior to plexiglass washers. I assume you have trays that size. Soaking, with frequent water changes, might well be enough. Another thought is to place in a tray in the shower and direct the spray on the print and let the tray overflow. If you don't have a tray that size, then one for the shower can easily be built with a 1x4 wood frame and poly sheeting.

What I don't know is how long you can soak the paper without damaging it.

25-Apr-2016, 18:39
wallpapering trays can be found in larger sizes, are economical and don't need outrageous amount of chemicals

26-Apr-2016, 20:48
Here's a totally screwy idea. Get a 30- 40 in piece of PVC drain pipe say 6in diameter. Loosely roll the print up and immerse. Slosh it around for five minutes or so and repeat. Like I said screwy.
Maybe you could use a kiddie pool. The only trays I've seen bigger than 20 x 24 were Robertson Graphic Arts trays for mega litho negs, ancient history now.
Best Mike

27-Apr-2016, 04:41
28 x 30" tray with place for drain (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Washing-Machine-Pan-34067/100080446), less than $20 each or 30x32" (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Camco-30-in-x-32-in-Washing-Machine-Drain-Pan-with-PVC-Fitting-20752/204220159) for the same. Cost effective, conservative with volume. And there are more where these come from. During good weather I would lay them in the back yard and feed with a trickle from the garden hose.