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31-Mar-2005, 22:38
"Film hangers" are what you use with a "dip 'n dunk" development system, right? It seems I may have access to such a system, up to 11x14, if I supply my own hangers. Any idea where I might find some 11x14 hangers, new or used? Would there be various models to distinguish between?

Clearly I know nothing: I've trayed, and I've tubed, but I've neither dipped nor dunked...


Gem Singer
1-Apr-2005, 07:15
4X5 and 8X10 stainless steel sheet film hangers are available at photo supply dealers. Check with medical supply sources for 11X14 hangers (new ones will probably be quite expensive, if available). That size film hanger was also used for medical X-Ray development. I'm not certain that they still use them, but previously owned ones might be available.

1-Apr-2005, 13:53
by "dip & dunk" system, I sorta assume that you'd be looking at a colex, refrema or kreonite machine--i.e. a real film processor versus a hand tankline or a nitrogen burst tankline. these are alot different than the tanklines that use the 8x10 sized hangers. so the first thing to do would be to figure out if it's some sort of handline (I've never seen any bigger than 8x10, and I run one where I work this size) or if it's a bona-fide dip & dunk processor. If it's the latter--then the rack will be a specialized piece of hardware, and you'll need to know the maker and the model. hope this helps.

17-Apr-2006, 05:42
I have at least one 11x14 Refrema hanger if you are interested. $100 plus packaging and shipping.
Let me know,

17-Apr-2006, 14:52
Too late, Mary, I've abandonned ULF. Thanks anyway.