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ronald lamarsh
31-Mar-2005, 20:00
I don't want to start an argument but I am unable to decide on which paper to get. I'm almost out of my Forte stock and have decided to switch so I am looking for general opinions. My priorities are tonability, consistency, and more range in a VC fibre based paper(I could never get beyond a grade 3 with polygrade V). I use formulary 130 developer. I am considering Perfecta from Fine art photo supply but it is not available in 16x20, next on the list is Kentmere, Ilford of course and the new Adox Vario G. Any thoughts are much appreciated. There doesn't seem to be enugh of a price difference in any of these to make price that much of a factor. Thanks All

Larry Gebhardt
31-Mar-2005, 20:06
This won't help, but why don't you develope the negatives a bit more and stick with the Forte paper? It is my favorite paper, both the Polygrade V and Polywarm tone. It should also be coming back on the market soon.

Eric Woodbury
31-Mar-2005, 21:12
This won't help either, but I love Bergger VC CB. Just got a box of it today, so it's available again. It has a beautiful tone without toning.

Andrew O'Neill
31-Mar-2005, 23:49
I have been using Polygrade V for years now and I can get a grade 5 out of it. I use an Aristo VCL4500 head and usually Ilford MG developer. If you can only get a grade 3 out of it then I would guess that switching to a different paper won't help much. What kind of exposure system do you use? Filters? Colour head VC head? It would be sad if you had to switch papers. This is one of the most beautiful and flexible papers out there.

Jim Ewins
1-Apr-2005, 00:38
Larry, thats good news that Forte is coming back. What is the source of this news?

Larry Gebhardt
1-Apr-2005, 05:24
Jim, I should have said it is rumored since I haven't seen the papers on the shelf myself. It was reported at APUG by JandC that they are receiving their rebranded Forte papers again. I have also seen it mentioned that B&H has them on the shelf, but not yet online. So I think the rumor is true.

Robert Skeoch
1-Apr-2005, 05:45
I guess this won't help either, but I love the Ilford Multitone FB in the warmtone. Easy to purchase from the local store, they stock most sizes and never an issue with quality.
-Rob Skeoch

Gem Singer
1-Apr-2005, 07:27
Hi Ron,

I'm a devoted fan of Ilford Multigrade Warmtone paper. However, if it were to completely disappeared from dealer's shelves, I would certainly give the Bergger papers a try before making my final decision as to it's replacement.

Chris Ellinger
1-Apr-2005, 09:03
Here's another vote for Ilford MGWT.

ronald lamarsh
1-Apr-2005, 09:55
Thank you all for the opinions. For the record I am using an aristo V54 coldlamp with polymax filters and formulary 130 developer. I have tried increasing my developement time but it didn't help much. There are other things I can do but the almost total disappearance of Forte from my dealers shelves is what has prompted this also. I did try the Bergger paper and I agree it has a beautiful image color. I like the Ilford products also and am impressed that they are always in stock. Thanks Again