View Full Version : Brass Knob for Calumet folding field camera

Charlie Taylor
31-Mar-2005, 18:57
Does anyone know where I can obtain a replace knob , front rise & fall, on a Calumet wooden, folding field camera?

Ernest Purdum
31-Mar-2005, 19:37
If Calumet themselves can't help, you might find something useful on the McMaster-Carr website, www.mcmaster.com. That's a good place to check for any difficult to find hardware type item.

Doug Dolde
31-Mar-2005, 20:17
Another shot is http://www.smallparts.com/

Brian Ellis
31-Mar-2005, 20:44
The Calumet wood folding field camera is a Tachihara. MidWest Photo Exchange is a Tachihara dealer. You could call Jim at MidWest and see if he can get the knob for you or if he knows of a Tachihara repair facility that would have or could get the part.

31-Mar-2005, 21:39
One more possibility is Richard Ritter: