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Ted Harris
31-Mar-2005, 11:59
Jeff has two f8 Super Angulon and 3 210 Symmar S lenses, all multicoated, for sale right now at great prices. They are all $175 each. The website says 'poor condition' but not what many would call poor. There was also a 300 mm Symmar S MC in the batch that I bought as much for the shutter as anything else (all black #3 shutter) for $200. The lens just arrived and far from being 'poor' it is what many dealers would call E+ or better. There are some minor marks on the filter ring and on the barrel but no major dings. The shutter seems right on. There is a tiny scuff mark way off near the rim that is visable to the naked eye on the front element. There are a few more very tiny 'cleaning marks' also way off center on the front element, the rear element is pristine. I wa really expecting worse, even though when I talked with Jeff he said "its not tht bad the owner just wanted to move these fast." When it arrived it looked so good I called him to ask about the others so someone here could get the same sort of I deal I got. He said the were not quite as good as my 300 but didn;t really look bad and the glass was definitely very usable. Worth a try I would think for someone that needs either focal length. If they were purchased at the same time as the 300 they are fairly late lenses, the 300 is 14,109,xxx = late 1980's.

Like everythingused I have ever gotten from Jeff or Jim at Midwest the condition is far better than they described it.

Just wanted to pass these goodies along.

Michael Dowdall
31-Mar-2005, 14:17
Hi Ted

I looked though out the badger site and could not find the lenses you spoke of.


James E Galvin
31-Mar-2005, 14:35
I looked at Midwest Photo Exchange, couldn't find them either, just an Angulon for a little more.

31-Mar-2005, 15:24
They were there Monday morning on the Badger site in the Used LF equipment section.

Ted Harris
31-Mar-2005, 17:46

They were sure there when I posted at 11:00 this morning and they were there a few minutes later when I went back and checked. They are gone now! Hope someof our folk got some of 'em. Anyone gonna fess up?

BTW the 300mm Symmar S MC is one monster hunk of glass. I have not done a side-by-side test of it and my 300mm Fuji A and probably will not. Will likely keep the shutter, as originally planned and sell the elements. If I did a side-by-side I might be tempted to keep the glass, all 2 pounds of it which would NEVER leave the studio! The Imagon needs the shutter so if anyone wants the glass drop me a note.

Clayton Tume
31-Mar-2005, 18:48

when I looked all were there.......about 5 minutes later while I was thinking if I could use another lens the 210's disappeared. That left the 2 x 120 SA.........I decided to jump on one for possible use on 4x10. I don't know yet if I actually got it, I went through the checkout and paid for it and got confirmation. But then if 5 of us were doing the same thing at the same time some of us are going to miss out.

Thanks for the tip!


Clayton Tume
5-Apr-2005, 18:17

the 120 Super Angulon turned up yesterday, great deal!

The front rim has a ding that's been repaired and apart from that everything else is fine., good glass and shutter appears to be running well.