View Full Version : Aero-Ektar and Speed Graphic webpage

Frank Petronio
31-Mar-2005, 10:44
I was doing a little research about using an Aero-Ektar and Speed Graphic and came upon this gem (ttp://www.creativegalleries.com/duckworth/all-american/all-american.shtml). Mine are getting hitched at S. K. Grimes - looks like a fun summer of portraits ahead - pray for open shade.

Frank Petronio
31-Mar-2005, 10:45
opps http://www.creativegalleries.com/duckworth/all-american/all-american.shtml

Jim Rice
31-Mar-2005, 21:56
Frank, I was wondering what needed the intervention of Grimes.

Frank Petronio
1-Apr-2005, 06:05
I probably could have kludged something but the rear of the lens is about 1/4 inch larger than the metal frame opening of the front of the Speed (could have taken a mill file to it). Also, the lens is so heavy that they will make a bracket to go between the lens and the camera's bed to provide additional support (although a piece of styrofoam would do the same thing). And finally, it is a side Kalhart RF and I've had trouble in the past getting the thing set up, so I'll let them have a go at it.

They are charging about $550-$600 - a lot more than what the body and lens cost me (it is a nice Speed though - bought it from Jurgen S.) I just want it done right. I got scared seeing a photo of David Burnett using his with the lens flopping down - I'm sure he was using intentional tilt, but it looked like the weight of the lens was overpowering the front standard, and I can see why!