View Full Version : Polaroid Back for Buschpressman

30-Mar-2005, 19:08
Hello everyone,

I have a Buschpressman 4x5 and I am thinking of adding a polaroid back. I beleive that the Polaroid 545 should work. I am currently using regugar 4x5 film holders.
Any comments, suggestions will be greatly appriciated.

Juergen Sattler
30-Mar-2005, 19:15
I assume you have the spring back on your Busch Pressman, not the Graflok. The 545 will fit, the 550 won't.

30-Mar-2005, 19:23
Yes, the spring back. Any difference with the 545 and the 545i?

Gem Singer
30-Mar-2005, 19:50
Hi Carlos,

The Polaroid 545i back is the newer model. It is mostly made of plastic and is lighter weight than the older 545 back. Both types of holders will slide under the ground glass of your camera, just like a standard 4X5 film holder.

Ellen Stoune Duralia
31-Mar-2005, 07:04
Carlos, I'm not sure what model you're after but when I bought my Horseman, I also bought a Polaroid 545 Pro. The timer began to malfunction within a week of using it. Now, to be fair, it was used but it looked new. Fortunately I bought it from KEH and they were great to deal with and I had a refund super quick :-) I bought the old, plain metal variety to replace it and it works great. Just something to consider - good luck to you!