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Stephen Collector
11-Apr-2016, 08:27
I am new to the TMax RS developer. I comes in 2 parts, A & B. Suggests you mix both to make a working solution of 1 gallon. I have 2 questions? One, in order for the developer not to bad, is it possible to halve or even quarter the stock solutions? I'd hate to make a gallon of developer to have it oxidize and become useless. I don't process that much film.
Two: I had been using the TMax developer which is now discontinued. For TMax 100 my normal development time was 6:15 @ 68 degrees for roll film. For sheet film it was 7 minutes at 72 degrees. Can anyone suggest a good starting normal time and temp. for this developer?
With the old developer, since it was mixed 1 part stock solution to 4 parts water it was easy to work with in terms of not going bad, like HC100.

Drew Wiley
11-Apr-2016, 09:50
I don't have my specific charts here at the office. But I do know the curve shape changes with dilution, going from a nearly straight line at 1:1 to a slight bow
in the curve with dilution, analogous to HC-110. Be careful with higher temps. Around 75F you can start getting edge frilling. Standardize on 68F if you can.

11-Apr-2016, 12:32
I've used TMax RS developer off-n-on for years to develop LF (4x5 and 8x10) film in Jobo Expert Drums and I just mix the A & B stock solutions together, and then dilute from there to make working solution. IIRC I picked this up from John Sexton and I've never had a problem from mixing the stock solutions together.

11-Apr-2016, 13:20
I don't use T-Max RS anymore but the trick I discovered when I did, and has been documented elsewhere, is to mix Part A in a 1L bottle with enough water to fill the bottle, and same for part B, and then mix a one-shot developer in a ratio of 1:1:2, one part diluted A, one part diluted B, and two parts water. This makes a 1:4 developer, or dilute that once more 1:1 with water for 1:9 ratio.

Development time depends on your development process. I was using continuous agitation in BTZS tubes and everything was overdeveloped, so I would pull the time quite a bit.

Test everything!

Stephen Collector
11-Apr-2016, 13:29
Hi, Sexton recommended in a very early ( 1980s!) article to use 1:9 ( mix part B into the part A.) Then dilute. TMax 100 he recommended at 13 minutes at 75 degrees. That's quite a bit of time to me??? Would love to hear other's experience in this regard.

11-Apr-2016, 14:06
Stephen, as I said before I mix A/B together and develop 4x5 TMax 100 for 11.5 mins at 24C on my Jobo CPP-2 in an Expert Drum. The developer is diluted 1:9 from the mixed concentrate, per John's recommendation.