View Full Version : edge printing on new Tri-x 8x10 sheet

Erik Gould
29-Mar-2005, 17:21
Anybody know if the new Tri-x 8x10 sheet film has any edge printing?

dan otranto
29-Mar-2005, 19:20
whats edge printing?

David G. Gagnon
29-Mar-2005, 19:41
I think Erik is referring to a film code or mfg. name printed in where the margin will be. AFAIK, Kodak does not do this, just the notch code, but I could be mistaken. I believe one of the Fuji quickload films has this feature, I believe I read that in a post from a couple days ago.


Erik Gould
29-Mar-2005, 20:41
Yes, as David said, I'm wondering about the name and film type printed in the margin. I ask because they added it to the newT-Max 100 sheet film in 4x5, and I'd rather not have that stuff on my contact prints.

Garry Teeple
29-Mar-2005, 20:56
The new Tri-x is marked. On the notch side it says "Kodak 320 TXP"

Frank Bagbey
29-Mar-2005, 23:01
Crap on Kodak. When my supply of the old 8X10 TriX is gone I think I will switch to Ilford.
Why can't Kodak leave well enough alone instead of constantly screwing things up? Probably their own engineers can't read their own notch system. If you detect some hostility, you are right.

Erik Gould
30-Mar-2005, 07:52
Thanks for the info. The edge printing is irritating, but that is nothing compared to the trouble caused by the change made to t-max 100 for those of us who print with a UV light source. Crap on Kodak indeed. Well, there are other films in the sea.

Diane Maher
30-Mar-2005, 08:21
I don't see any marks besides the notches on the Tri-X 8x10 film that I'm using at the moment. Am I missing something?

arthur berger
30-Mar-2005, 09:01
I just developed some new tri x film in both 8x10 and 5x7. There is nothing written on the film, just the new notch pattern. On the new T-Max readyloads that I recently used there is writing- Kodak 100 tmx on the edge with the notches.

dan otranto
30-Mar-2005, 14:59
yes, i developed and printed some new tri-x 8x10 about a month ago and there was no text?

Frank Bagbey
30-Mar-2005, 20:34
No edge printing is great news! But what is the deal? Just what Kodak films are being shot and processed? Let's be specific what films are being exposed and developed. Model numbers, please.