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10-Apr-2016, 04:39

I knew that it must come from an old Arca Reflex (4x5) camera.
However, I couldn't find where the adapter should be.
The reflex viewer can turn left and right 90 onto the adapter.

Anyone else knew the adapter?

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neil poulsen
10-Apr-2016, 08:55
While they may have used the same part in the Arca reflex cameras, this fits the old style, Arca Swiss (non-reflex) cameras. The adapter fits into sort of a "flash shoe" on the top of the rear standard, and the reflex housing fits into the adapter in either landscape or portrait orientation.

One can adjust the eyepiece to a near right angle and correct the image top to bottom on a mirror that's inside the housing. Or, one can adjust the eyepiece to 180 degrees so that the lens axis is parallel to the rail, and it's more of a stovepipe viewer.

Once attached, this viewer just rests over the ground glass; or, it can be positioned to rest above the camera out of the way for critical focus and for making exposures. It's not necessary to attach and remove the viewer each time a photo is taken.

I have the same (but smaller) Arca viewer intended for hold style Arca 6x9 view cameras that I use with my more recent Classic F 6x9 camera. I removed the wire thing from the adapter and fastened the adapter via bolts on each corner to the Arca, non-N ground glass attachment. I leave the eyepiece at 180 degrees and use it as a stovepipe viewer. Or, I can use it as a reflex viewer for landscape orientation.

10-Apr-2016, 13:28
Agree with the above. It will fit the arca reflex without the adapter. Anyone have one of these they want to sell? I actually have an arca reflex 4x5 and could put one of these to good use.

10-Apr-2016, 16:39
Thank you, Neil.
Yes, there is a cold shoe accessory.

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