View Full Version : Is an old Sinar P better than a new Sinar X buy

steve erak
10-Sep-1999, 07:09
I 've got a deal to but an old Sinar P for about #1,000.oo but a new Sinar X cos t about #2,000.00. Apart from the SInar X not having all the spec of a Sinar P2, does the old Sinar P have all the spec of t he new SInar P2

Ellis Vener
11-Sep-1999, 02:41
It depends on how old the P is and what shape it is in, and what you'll be using it for. The P evolved gradually over the years it was produced.

Lot Wouda
11-Sep-1999, 07:56
If it's younger than about 1975 I would always take the P because of the stability.

Ellis Vener
12-Sep-1999, 02:27
Lot, the Sinar X is a simplified version of the P2: non interchangable format (no 5x7 or 8x10) and no metering back, among other things.

Lot Wouda
12-Sep-1999, 04:03
Thanks Ellis, I thought it was the economy version of the F2.

steve erak
13-Sep-1999, 05:51
Thanks I bought the old Siar P (1984) over the weekend with 4x5 & 5x7, and a Rodenstock 120 mm lens for about $1,500.00. The two back cmae with WA bellows and the normal ones.

The new Sinar X woyuld have costed $3,000.00

In the research I conducted too, the majot difference between a SIna P and Ps is the shift and tilt knob on the P is controlled by the same knob, and a switch that is moved upwards, while it is controlled by two different knobs on the P2. Also the collor, while P2 is pre black, P is silver finish. Although they say the internal working ofthe P2 is a bit advance than the P, but that is neither here or there for what I want to use it for.