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Austin Moore
29-Mar-2005, 10:58
I am in the market for an 8x10 and i think i'm going to end up with the Shen Hao 8x10 because of the price. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience useing one. Is this camera worth it? Should I just stick with a Deardorff? Any input would be much abliged.


Dan Jolicoeur
29-Mar-2005, 11:08

Steve Hamley
29-Mar-2005, 11:11

I haven't see one but asked about one once at Midwest. So far, there've been problems with the bellows being glued on crooked. I don't know if this problem has been resolved.

Otherwise, the camera seems to be a clone of the Ebony SV810 and should be a good performer. Keep in mind that teak and ebony wood cameras in the 8x10 size are very heavy, and it's likely to weigh in at 14 pounds or more. You might want to inquire about weight if that's an issue for you.


Bobby Sandstrom
29-Mar-2005, 11:31
Austin, do yourself a TREMENDOUS favor and check out bruce wehman's 8x10. You can try it for 30 days with a full money back guarantee. (Believe me, you won't send it back) It comes with 2 lens boards. It weighs only 8.5 lbs and is as rock solid as a monorail camera. I LOVE MINE! You tilt the front and it STAYS EXACTLY WHERE YOU PUT IT, period! I have nothing to do with his company but feel a design this AWESOME deserves to be touted! It's only 18??.00 to boot! Here's a link:

best of luck

Austin Moore
29-Mar-2005, 15:58
thanks bob but you all ready showed me that camera on a previous post and i don't really care for it, way to big and bulky.

Michael Kadillak
29-Mar-2005, 16:04
Until a distributor steps up and offers two critical products domestically - support and service, I would stay on the sidelines. That is unless you are not intimidated by the potential requirements of shipping the camera to China for repairs as the manufacturer deals with the nuances of a new product line.

Particularly with the 8x10 camera, many folks step up to this format and find it to large for them and as a result, the used market is vibrant. With a little patience you should be able to access a number of used models. I would encourage you to stay with modern supported lines such as the Wehman, Canham, Toyo and Phillips even if it means you pay a bit more. You will relish the ease of use every time you reach for the controls or pull a print out of the developer.


Ken Lee
29-Mar-2005, 17:02
I purchased one directly from Shen-Hao. I returned it to them because it has a light leak, which was diagnosed and discussed on this forum, here (http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/501149.html" target="_blank).

The camera has been stuck in Chinese Customs for weeks, because I truthfully stated the purchase price on the insurance and customs forms. Chinese customs wants 20% import duty, even though it is being returned for repairs. I have been waiting for a resolution to this issue for a while now.

On a positive note, if the camera did not have the light leak, I would be delighted with it. I look forward to its return.

Bobby Sandstrom
29-Mar-2005, 17:20

The camera is smaller than the deardorff and is half the weight. It may not look cool (that is until you see it in person) however, it's a shooters camera.

best of luck with your choice

Richard Årlin
30-Mar-2005, 04:55
Sorry about your probs Ken. My HZX810-IIAT does not have the slightest problem. I can nothing but recommend it.