View Full Version : Demonstrate bellows leak - best way?

5-Apr-2016, 13:59
Divesting stuff and wondering how to best demonstrate via the web that there are no bellows light leaks (or maybe there are!). I think this might be interesting to anyone wanting to do the same for their LF camera.

Thank you in advance.

(The camera is quite typical, a Century 1 8x10")

5-Apr-2016, 15:54
In a dark room, put in a bare light bulb, turn it on. All becomes obvious, but since you have to look at different holes from different angles to see them, I don't think there could be a way to prove anything about the camera in question.

Alan Gales
5-Apr-2016, 17:07
I've sold cameras that had no bellows leaks and a few that had many pin holes. I just describe how I checked the camera and what I found. I don't think you need pics of pinholes. :)

5-Apr-2016, 17:22
Mount a wireless trigger on a flash and dslr, place it inside a stretched bellows, crank up to your fastest sync speed to kill the ambient and take a photo of each side of the bellows.

jose angel
6-Apr-2016, 00:46
Mdarnton method should work. With a strong light source (cold type one, say LED) into the extended bellows (I think not extended to the limit, you could break it), you just need to dim the ambient light and take a video from all angles.
You may need to lock the ISO on the video camera, and to set the ambient light to the lowest but still enough to see there is a camera silhouette on frame. At the end of the recording, slightly open the film holder or open the shutter to show there is a strong light inside, and to have an idea of the noise levels.
I think you don`t need more than a 30-60 seconds video.