View Full Version : Looking for a 8 x 10 Beattie Intenscreen without grid markings?

5-Apr-2016, 03:58
Am hoping somebody here may be able to help me... Am looking to purchase a 8 x 10 Beattie Intenscreen, one that does not have grid lines..

Any idea if they were ever made in this size without grid lines?

Anybody have one they might one to get rid of, if so?

Thanks so much in advance!

Ted R
5-Apr-2016, 06:43

Sal Santamaura
5-Apr-2016, 07:58
http://www.intenscreen.com/products_large-format.htmThat's an obsolete page you found via search engine (or have a bookmark for) which should have, but hasn't yet, been taken down. Reflexite was purchased several years ago by ORAFOL Group, a large European adhesives entity. ORAFOL has since decided to exit the Intenscreen business, so they're no longer available new.

Ted R
6-Apr-2016, 13:47
thank you for the information

jose angel
7-Apr-2016, 00:30
Wallpaperviking, FWIW I stopped using Beatties simply because they get bent for whatever the reason (LF). I measured a noticeable difference from the center of the screen compared to a plain GG.
So I`d not get mad or pay too much for one of this items.
Actually, they are great brightness wise, but you should know this issue... just take it into account. Depth of focus will make them usable in most cases, I guess.

8-Apr-2016, 21:00
Thanks to everyone for the replies, much appreciated!

Think I was a bit tired when I first posted, as i did forget to mention that they have gone out of production...

Jose Angel, interesting to note that you have noticed them getting bent over time... For my purposes, this does not matter so much..

If anybody hears of a plain 8x10 around somewhere, I would be very interested in purchasing it..

Thanks again!