View Full Version : Kodak advice on travel with film, especially motion film, with examples

Tin Can
3-Apr-2016, 16:53
Maybe this has been posted, but I missed it.

Found it today looking up X-Ray film photography.

Has several very good examples of X-Ray damage.


Note: "This document also does not cover how mail sanitization affects film." Whatever that is...

6-Apr-2016, 17:08
Whatever that is...

What that is, is, sterilization by radiation to kill anthrax spores or the equivalent. If your letter arrives like it has been toasted, you'll know. My guess is that for film you will be able to tell by smell, or the fact that the film base is now amber colored :)

Anthrax spores are tough little customers...

6-Apr-2016, 17:20
Yup, you missed it. :)

It's 10 years old but good information, and it seems folks often need to be reminded that this kind of information is available from authoritative sources. One doesn't have to rely on random internet opinions.