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austin granger
27-Mar-2005, 16:30
Greetings large format brethren (and by that I mean my sisters too)!

Just wanted to let those interested know that I finally got around to updating my website. There's a ton of new stuff on there, including images from Point Reyes, Death Valley, the Salton Sea, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and other work that's more difficult to classify. There's even a picture of yours truly, buried there in the gratuitious 'bio' section.

So please, stop by and let me know what you think--bearing in mind, of course, that any criticism will lead me to dismiss you as being just flat wrong or else delusional somehow (ha!). Seriously though, I welcome your feedback. And if anyone has questions about a particular photograph, whether technically, aesthetically, or geographically, drop me a line; I keep no secrets.

Thank you all and happy Easter.

www.austingranger.com (http://www.austingranger.com)

bob carnie
27-Mar-2005, 16:50
Hi Austin

What a wonderful site, very clean , easy to navigate, I like your statement and your images , when you publish your book please post it so that I can order one .

Darin Cozine
27-Mar-2005, 18:43
Great job Austin. Clean, simple, updated.

One problem with the code, if you are on the home page and you click 'home' it errors.

Darin Cozine
27-Mar-2005, 18:47
Also great photographs.

George Stewart
27-Mar-2005, 18:56
I love the simplicity and layout. Some images of the equipment you use would be fun.

John W. Randall
27-Mar-2005, 19:04
Nice setup, Austin. Bob Carnie nailed it. That's the most honest Statement I've had the pleasure of reading in some time. The website is very easy to navigate. What software did you find useful in setting up your site?

Thank you again.

Best regards,

Mark Carney
27-Mar-2005, 19:13

Fantastic work and a very clean layout.

I've finally found someone with a darkroom that makes mine look like a palace.

Thanks again,

Mark Carney

David Flockhart
27-Mar-2005, 20:37
A very enjoyable journey indeed. I, too, did the philosophy thing and firmly relate to your appreciation for having feet on the ground as well as a head in the clouds. Since you asked, there apperas to be a typo on the technical information page where a redundancy crept in: "like a sinking ship, and if the ceiling were and if the ceiling were an inch..."

Really nice website!

Oren Grad
27-Mar-2005, 20:52
The bio cannot be considered gratuitous, because it reveals the important fact of your Banana Slug heritage!

< g >

Seriously: nice statement, and nice site. Congratulations, and best wishes for continued growth and for many years of satisfying picture-taking still to come.

Nicholas Fiduccia
27-Mar-2005, 21:26
Nice site, Austin. Enjoyed it very much! Thank you.

28-Mar-2005, 00:18
Hi Austin

I confess to a slight "oh-no-not-another-California-LF-photographer" syndrome. But so much of your site was an enjoyable and stimulating antidote that I am feeling much better! I got a very strong feeling of space. But not of the "big wide open" variety: more an emptiness, perhaps isolation. It'll be a pleasure to come back and see more in the future. Ian

John Z.
28-Mar-2005, 15:24
I particularly like the 'rock and surf' photograph!

Peter Langham
28-Mar-2005, 21:04
Nice stuff, Autsin.

By the way, be sure to keep us (me) posted on shows. I live in Napa and would love to check your stuff out.


John Berry ( Roadkill )
29-Mar-2005, 01:26
Great site, FABULOUS work. John Berry

paul stimac
29-Mar-2005, 09:46

Love the picture of Jalisco's in Gerlach. I grew up in Gerlach. My Mom worked there. Gracie made the best Chili Colorado I've ever had.

Did you shoot it with an 8x10?


austin granger
29-Mar-2005, 20:17
Just wanted to thank everyone for their encouragement and also for their sharp eyes; for someone who wrote of photography as requiring "concentrated attention" in my statement I sure miss a lot of typos!

Specific answers: to John, I used Frontpage. Well OK, my wife used frontpage. Basically I told her what images I wanted on there and how I wanted the site to look and she did the hard part of making it all work.

And to Paul, the Jalisco's image was actually made before my large format days, with a Pentax 67. The funny thing is that I've been back there many times since and in five years, nothing has changed; if anyone's interested, Jalisco's Club in Gerlach, Nevada is still for sale.