View Full Version : Buckled Velvia 4x5

Steve Bell
27-Mar-2005, 16:28
For most of the short time I've been using 4x5 I've used B&W film and developed myself. Over the last few months I used 10 sheets of Velvia 50, and as they were my 'learning' film, I used a cheap 10 GBP for 10 4x5 E6 processing lab service off eBay UK. They arrived back Saturday in individual clear sleeves in the original Velvia box I shipped them in. As the sleeves were larger than the centre part of the box, they were curved to fit, so I've been trying to flatten them between some heavy books. To date, they are still buckled, and I know they won't lay flat in the scanner mask. Is this a normal way to return processed film? If I re soak and dry, should they straighten? These are S shaped, with roughly 5-6 mm bends, my home processed FP4+ are flat. Are the 4 grip puncture marks in the corners also normal? Now I'm more confident in using LF all future colour film will go to Peak Imaging, as does my 35mm and MF.

Dave Moeller
27-Mar-2005, 18:28
The "grip puncture marks" are normal, although some labs are better than others at getting them as near as possible to the edge of the film. They're basically marks from the film being pulled through the processor.

I cannot answer your first question. Any 4x5 E6 I have goes to a local lab, and when I pick it up it's outside of the box. I'd be tempted to call this lab with a pretty serious complaint about how they shipped your film back to you...any method that leads to film being buckled when it didn't start that way is _wrong_.

Roger Scott
27-Mar-2005, 18:57
My 4x5 transparencies are individually sleeved and in the box when I pick them up after processing but the sleeves are a snug fit over the film and fit easily in the box without buckling. You could try a short soak and dry to see if it helps - I've only ever done it with smaller formats. Do a test on one first to see if it comes out okay. As Dave mentioned the puncture marks are normal.


Steve Bell
28-Mar-2005, 01:11
Luckily this film was to learn with, although there were a few nice shots taken around Malham Tarn in the snow I'd like to print. I'll be developing a batch of HP5+ tonight, I'll soak a less important one in the tank after I've finished and hope for the best. I can see I'll eventually want to process my own, but there are too many other prioities at present.