View Full Version : conley silent shutter

1-Apr-2016, 10:08
I've been looking at this thing and I can't seem to figure out how it would actually mount to your camera. Does it just press fit on the outside of the lens? 149103

1-Apr-2016, 10:23
It fits on the back of the board and opens inwards, I believe.

1-Apr-2016, 10:58
Duh, that would make perfect sense. I must be slow today. You'd need a lot of room inside the bellows with those wings on it, though, which I think is why I couldn't picture it. And there's be no folding the camera up, without removing the lensboard.. Thanks!

Steven Tribe
1-Apr-2016, 11:36
It is a version of the French Guerry shutter (also made by NORKA in Denmark) which was made in one and two "barndoor" versions. They still work, although the rubber actuating belows needs replacement. They were basically for mounting on the rear of the front standard of large studio cameras or on the front of very large petzvals.

They lost out to the Eye-lid/Grunder shutter which are a lot lighter and really silent.

Wayne Aho
1-Apr-2016, 14:27
I've got one, and it's not that silent. You hear a good thwack when it opens and closes. The inner doors open to the outer pockets, and mine was mounted to a board placed in the camera so you could change lensboards and the shutter stays in place, or it can be mounted to the lensboard like a packard shutter.