View Full Version : Mounting Sinar Copal Shutter to Linhof

31-Mar-2016, 21:14
Hi @all
I want to mount a Sinar Copal Shutter ("behind the lens") on to my Linhof 4x5.
I think I need an adapter....

Is there someone who can help me with such an adapter or tell me where I can get one???

Bob Salomon
1-Apr-2016, 07:50
No adapter was ever made, are you trying to mount it to a Kardan or a Technika? There was a Prontor behind the lens shutter for the Kardan in the 80s.

Tin Can
1-Apr-2016, 07:53
Are you 2 people or the same as this person.


Tin Can
1-Apr-2016, 07:56
No matter. You should look below at what others have done.

Go to bottom of this page.

Ken Lee
1-Apr-2016, 07:56
A local machine shop can possibly help you.

Better still, SK Grimes (http://www.skgrimes.com/) will make you one and it will be perfect.

To Bob's point, note that the Sinar shutter normally fits a standard Sinar board which is considerably larger than a Technika board. With large lenses - even if they fit - there may be some vignetting.

It would be probably cheaper and definitely easier to simply get a Sinar camera. They are abundant in the used market.

17-May-2016, 21:28
I bought one from China like this, cost US$ 99.5 USD.



21-Jun-2016, 07:34
Where did you get it???