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Ron Marshall
26-Mar-2005, 21:40
Would anyone know if Perfection XR-1 developer is still being made and availability?

If not where I might find the formula.


27-Mar-2005, 06:03
Perfection XR-1 hasn't been made for a very long time. I last saw the formula at Unblinkingeye.com

David A. Goldfarb
27-Mar-2005, 09:12
I experimented with XR-1 using the formulas on unblinkingeye.com. I found it gave some real increase in speed over Acufine, which is my normal speed developer, but the results were somewhat flat, even after tweaking the formula, development time, temperature, and agitation. It looks like it would be attractive for night photography, where high contrast is a problem, but I just wanted more speed for handheld LF photography under normal lighting conditions, so I haven't pursued it further. If you do a search on "XR-1" at apug.org, I made a few posts about it, and there's a test shot at--


and in the comments under the photo, there's a link to the main XR-1 thread.

Ron Marshall
27-Mar-2005, 12:51
Thank-you both for the info. My intended use for it is night photography, so I am happy it gives low contrast. I would like to shoot HP-5+ at 800 at night, without too much grain or contrast increase, so I may give it a try.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Mar-2005, 12:59
With HP5+, I wouldn't be surprised if you could get an honest EI of 1600 with XR-1.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
29-Mar-2005, 00:53
Rumer that I heard was that the government had it pulled it for security reasons. ( If they did I bet they are still using it ) Being able to shoot 100 asa at 600 and have panatomic-x grain. I have used it and would give my eye teeth to be able to get my hands on some again. You have to develop at about 100 degrees. The first roll I developed, I went to wipe excess water off the film and rubbed the emulsion right off the base. Like I said it is a rumer that I can't back up.
John Berry

Michael Kramer
25-Mar-2006, 00:53
I have an origional bottle of the Perfection viscous developing xr-1 liquid with all the paperwork and newsletter #4 from Annemen. I purchased it in the mid 80's from Freestyle in Los Angeles where I live. I think the developing agent has oxidised by now (pretty dark stuff) but I might try a couple of rolls to see if it has any life to it. They claimed very extended life for the viscous liquid.

Its probably a collectible but what the heck.

Michael Kramer

March 23, 2006