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Bob Mann
30-Mar-2016, 06:42
I have seen a set of "Studio Pro" 4x5 film holders for sale - they look like a Toyo holder from the pictures, were they made by Toyo and relabeled or are they a copy made by someone else?

Michael Graves
30-Mar-2016, 11:00
Bob, I have about 18 of these holders. I don't believe they were made by Toyo. I used to know the name of the company that made them...but then I used to know a lot of things I can't remember now. Just don't remember what they are.

In any case, they look and feel very much like Toyo holders. In fact, the dark slides are interchangeable between the two brands. In my own humble, biased and questionably valuable opinion, they are every bit as good. I have both the older style and the newer style Toyo holders to compare. The dark slides on the Studio Pro holders, however, are not plastic. They are metal with a black finish. The end result of that is that you want to keep the grooves in the holder bodies as clean as possible, or they feel very gritty moving in and out. I vacuum mine out after every use and the dark slides move in and out as smooth as you could wish.

In conclusion, if you are being offered these at a decent price, grab them.

Tin Can
30-Mar-2016, 11:13
More importantly this question seems to indicate Bob is not leaving LF!

Bob Mann
30-Mar-2016, 11:33
Down sizing, getting rid of stuff, but the urge to acquire is hard to control :)

Tin Can
30-Mar-2016, 12:19
Down sizing, getting rid of stuff, but the urge to acquire is hard to control :)

LOL, I know that! :)

30-Mar-2016, 19:11
Studio Pro Film Holders - Who made these?

Studio Pro 4x5 Cut Film Holders... Were previously sold under the Lisco/Fidelity banner.
They were sold in Sets of 5... And were actually very 'reasonable' priced ($36.95/Set of 5).
(*In comparison... Toyo Film Holders (2) sold for $48.95)... In 1992.